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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Building & Achieving Destiny
  • Building & Achieving Destiny

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    Destiny is an absolutely unruly concept that comprises our complicated image, intricate identity, the many aspects of self, and the Faces of the Soul. It calls on us to use our power, strengths, and talents, and engages our very Spirit. For Map Makers it is an integral element of the empowerment that will be necessary to effect the Dream. The power of destiny is almost incomprehensible: If you align with your destiny, everything in its path will manifest. Two meditations Lazaris describes for us to do on our own, help us to resolve the paradox of destiny and to receive gifts of destiny given by the Elements. A third meditation finds us with Unseen Friends to erode away the blockages that disable the force of destiny. And finally Destiny appears and speaks, and together you gather what is needed to build and achieve destiny. Lazaris includes a Destiny Blending Meditation in which Lazaris' and our energies synergize to build destiny. (30 minutes)

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    Meditation: Destiny Blending/Meditation

    Keywords: Destiny, Image, Identity, Shadow Self, Soul, Life Focuses, Empowerment, Spirit, the Elements

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