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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Crystal Magic : New Ways of Harnessing & Transmuting Negative Ego
  • New Ways of Harnessing & Transmuting Negative Ego

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    We know that our ego is not the enemy but that our negative ego is. Our negative ego can destroy in minutes what it has taken us decades to build: it can crush love, shatter trust, and leave us devastated in the ravages of self-betrayal. We also know that we are not born with a negative ego; it becomes negative when it is shamed or when its growth is arrested at an infant, child, adolescent, or young adult level. It becomes negative when we are unwilling or unable to heal and mature our ego. Lazaris‘ concise exploration of the true function of our ego and his precise examination of what goes wrong leads to an exhilarating discussion of new ways to harness and then to transmute our negative ego into a positive productive one … into a beautifully powerful mature ego. "The Ego Dialogues," "Maturing Ego," "Crystal Work: Ego Crystal & Resonance Crystal," are of a few of the new ways. Lazaris also talks of how we might work with the Mystical Other when dealing with our egos. The meditation is beyond words.

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    Meditation: Maturing the Ego

    Keywords: Weak Ego-I, Positive Ego, Strong Ego-I; Self-I; Mystical Other; arrested ego; Resonance; Dialogues; Maturing

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